Sigur Rós at Bristol Harbourside

// Bristol Summer Series //

Until Thursday I had not yet been to a gig at Bristol Harbourside, but it seemed rather fitting that Sigur Rós would be my reason to go. They’d always been on my to-do list, so to speak, so the moment I came across the tickets for sale I grabbed two.

In true British fashion the weather was ironically a hot topic on my mind – I had been greatly anticipating this event, so was pleasantly surprised to be escorted into the arena by a cool breeze down to the water. It was perfect. I was ready.


Unannounced and huddled at the back of the stage, a sublime and pure vibration coursed through the open-air venue, and there they were. For a moment, there was a shared silence of anticipation as to their fixed position, but this swiftly passed after their modest intro when the trio separated and advanced forward to the front of the stage. They were accompanied by an explosion of light which was beautifully exhibited on rectangular frames.



The array of lights and background installations did not reach full throttle until later in the evening – for this, I sincerely apologise to these Icelandic visionaries as this was some what distorted by our stubborn sunlight. Regardless, this did not effect the crowd’s overwhelming appreciation for something so magically executed.

The energy is transcending as they project a serene but intense atmosphere. The presence they hold is also wonderfully embodied by their unique and spellbinding sound – it is simply incredible to bare witness to something so raw and talented.


With one graceful bow, the light display shut down and it was over.

Sigur Rós leaves you with a kind of freak out of body experience. We made our way out of the arena amidst a wave of calmness and understated satisfaction. Greeted by sirens and yawning clubs getting ready for the evening, I’d almost forgotten we weren’t set against the backdrop of green fields and wide open space.

// An unforgettable and must-see act //



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