Review: Made by Bob

// Where: The Corn Hall 26 Market Place, Cirencester //

My link with Cirencester is that once upon a time I was a student at Cirencester College. Unfortunately I have since lost ties with the area, and as a non-driver it can be awkward to get there and back again.

With this in mind I had no issue with making the journey to Made by Bob after my friend, and current employee at the restaurant come deli, sung it’s praises.

We made our way into the restored market place for dinner on a Friday – the only day of the week when the dinner menu was available – and are welcomed into a clean, pristine, and open space.

For a small establishment Bob’s exerts an energetic and creative atmosphere. To the right is Bob’s deli filled with authentic country jars of dressings, jams, chutneys, and more. Moreover, and perfectly in tone with Cirencester’s agricultural heritage, there is also an array of meats and cheese on display.

We take a table for two by one of the large pane windows after contemplating taking a seat at the bar in front of the open kitchen – whatever I could smell, I was keen to see.


made by bobs

I go for the squid to begin with. It’s green, light and earthy, complimented by diced potatoes, rocket, onion and capers. Despite it’s initial size it has been coordinated perfectly with all elements equally portioned. As a starter, it has left me satisfied but not full and I’m eager for the next round.

made by bobs 3

Without hesitation, we’ve opted for the (rare) steak for 2 and were not disappointed. Elegantly displayed on a wooden board, we are generously presented with succulent steak accompanied by truffles/truffle oil, rocket, grated parmesan, béarnaise sauce, and pommes frites.

All textures and flavours are endorsed by the Pinot Noir which has been aptly recommended by our waiter.

Made by bobs 1

I am left elated and now  ready to throw my debit card at the situation. You are roughly looking to pay around £70.00 – £90.00 for 2 at Bob’s which includes a bottle of wine and service. Our bill came to a little more as we started with Prosecco and ended with sobet and ice cream (to my advantage, we did abuse my friend’s staff discount).

If you’re ever in this historic area, do pop by this elegant and straight-up serving venue for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Mixing country living with a modern and experimental twist, Made by Bob’s is worth the visit.


Ron Arad’s Curtain Call

// When: 6 – 29 August //
// Where: Roundhouse, London //

I recently visited London, and what I miss most about living there is my gallery days. The city always has something going on and at the Roundhouse Ron Arad presents a mesmerising 360˚installation which projects a variety of artistic works.

Since writing my Avant-Garde thesis in university on space and institution, I have always been intrigued by the way in which one can view and experience art. Arad uses silicon rods to display these immersive pieces which also invites the spectator to physically walk in and amongst the works.

I begin by circling the outer area, looking for my in, but also because I am immediately struck by this incredible lighted structure. I then make my way to the curtain and walk through – the spectators are scattered, sitting and standing. I find my spot on the floor and instantly I am invested.

Curtain Call 4.JPG

Each work is thought-out and compliments the space to full effect as the projections move around you and shape each spectator’s perception of the works from their own physical position. I am encouraged to look around and move – the spectator gets out of this what they take, and I believe this can be shaped by how and why an individual views art in the first place.

With regards to the later, from the beginning Arad reminds me of Line Describing a Cone by Anthony McCall. Recent modernist approaches to art explore the way in which the convention of viewing can be challenged by encouraging spectator participation. I relate here to how McCall and Arad challenge this passive approach to viewing art and film which  changes the relationship that the spectator has with the material itself.

Curtain Call 5.JPG

Visually and physically, each artist works in the same format which works within the cylinder, but each individual piece is the artist’s own. Some you laugh at, gasp at, become hypnotised by, and even just appreciate the magnificence of the scale.

Furthermore, the variation in content really demonstrates how one artist can look at a space, engage with an idea, and then creatively transform it into their own vision.

Curtain Call 2

Going to see Curtain Calls was, for me, the perfect thing to do of an afternoon. As tickets are only available through August it’s really worth going to see.

Ron Arad offers the spectator a bridge between painting and sculpture with visually stunning work that is both intellectual and conceptual.

Curtain Call 6.JPG


My Make-up Must-haves

// Simple, yet effective //

I wouldn’t consider myself nor my style basic, despite that my colour pallet in my wardrobe ranges through from black, white, grey, and blue. “Out there” for me is stripes. But this is how I feel comfortable and confident: simple, yet effective.

With the latter in mind, the same can be said for my make-up. I don’t wear much make-up, but when I do, I go to my ageing magazine freebie which homes my 3 must-haves. Inside, the trio adhere to the simple rule of “less is more”.


Unfortunately I have not been blessed with perfect skin – I’ve got an oily skin type which is also super sensitive. After succumbing to all the cheap and falsely advertised products, I decide to treat myself and go have a chat with someone who knows what they’re talking about – essentially, cut the bulls**t.

I bought Perfection Lumière in April and I’m still good to go tomorrow. Even though it’s a liquid, it has a flawless matte finish which is also so delicate and light. Did I mention that all you need to apply is the smallest amount to cover your whole face?

I want a flawless yet natural look – over the years I’ve progressed on to the more expensive and “adult” products that enforces quality over quantity. This foundation is what you want if what you require is a really clean and effortless look when you leave the house.


This is the product that I feel naked without, and I still find it amazing how just doing up my eyebrows enhances my facial features. As a result I rarely wear mascara, unless I’m going out-out.

Again, the look transforming here is effortless and natural – many of my friends often can’t tell that I’m wearing my eyebrow zings. Of course, this depends on how strong I want my eyebrow game, and this is something you have complete control over.

I myself prefer darker eyebrows, so I chose 05 – deep (the shades range from 01 – light to 06 – deep).

To achieve these well crafted eyebrows is so nice and easy. Inside you will find: a mirror, tweezers, shaping brush, and powder brush. Three/four steps and you’re good to go. Please bear in mind that I am useless when it comes to applying make-up, but it wasn’t long before I was in the advanced class for my brows and I always feel complete once I’ve done them.


It’s rare, but when I want to raise the bar and feel a bit more fancy, I will apply mascara. Like my foundation, after countless bad buys I have found my one and only.

Much like my other two products, I really don’t like caking my make-up on – the last thing I want when I’m going out is to feel heavy and unnecessarily overdone. I want to put in the minimum amount of effort and achieve the maximum effect.

Whether or not I want to slightly tint my lashes or max out on volume and definition, this mascara gives me everything. A few strokes and my lashes elegantly fan out and up without clumping together or quickly becoming coarse and uncomfortable.

It’s understated and underpriced – it’s my kind of mascara.

// I’ll be amazed if you’re not slightly curious about these products. I would sincerely recommend them //