Courgette Crisis

I had heard a few rumours and seen a few hashtags, but it wasn't until yesterday that I fully appreciated that the UK is currently losing their vegetables. The leading front runner of this campaign is the courgette, which has quickly established a #courgettecrisis and for good reason. Now while we can appreciate it's easy… Continue reading Courgette Crisis


The reality of “reality TV”

// "Reality TV to me is the museum of social decay" - Gary Oldman // [If you watch reality TV, I can't promise you won't be insulted] First and foremost I feel I must confess that despite my distain for reality TV, I actually don't watch it, so you'll find little direct reference to programmes here.… Continue reading The reality of “reality TV”

Lost in Swindon?

[Opinion] // Best venues to visit in Swindon, according to me // I moved back to Swindon in October 2015 and I won't lie I've been a hermit for most of it, and/or retreated back to London for long weekends. Naturally a small town cannot realistically compete against the capital city, but I often find myself… Continue reading Lost in Swindon?

My 2017 Reading List

I was very humble with my Christmas list last year, the contents of which revolved around practical items such as socks, make-up remover, and of course books! In tune with my new practical outlook it seemed fitting that my new year's resolution followed suit: READ MORE! As an aspiring blogger in pursuit of a job… Continue reading My 2017 Reading List