Baby Battles

// British bullshit at it’s best, aka Piers Morgan //

One would like to believe that over the course of centuries our social values and norms are only ever evolving and broadening, however recent comments made by Piers Morgan spiralled me into a moment of disbelief and contemplation.

Scrolling through my Facebook feed an article about Janet Jackson would hardly stop me in my tracks, but one particular article with Piers Morgan’s name on it completely blind sided me. Now, the content alone did not disturb me, but Morgan’s views regarding the news flipped my stomach.

On Wednesday 5th, Good Morning Britain TV hosts Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid discussed Janet Jackson’s news of becoming a mother at the age of 50. According to Piers there are double standards when it comes to an appropriate age of becoming a parent for men and women. The news of Jackson becoming a mother at 50 seemed preposterous to Piers, despite admitting that he became a father at 46, adding that it’s a different situation because “I’m a man”.

Accordingly to Piers, should an older woman arrive to pick her children up at school the immediate response would be “well why did granny come?”, as opposed to an older man which would be deemed completely and socially acceptable.

Yes, having a child would seem more tolerable when one is more mobile and in fighting fit health, but what if you are at 50? It seems to me that the issue being ignored in this instance is that we would condemn the older woman for having a child when it is she who has a higher chance of retiring while the child is growing up, which would effectively enable more time to be spent on the reason we surely want children – to raise them. Furthermore, an older woman by 50 would surpass most with life knowledge and experience, not to mention financial backing over the years – in fact, the older woman would probably have enjoyed and established a full career and therefore cease to feel the need to fill that void, unlike the younger woman.

It’s somewhat baffling to me that there has become an increasing fear of being perceived as an old mum to the point where time is running out and we must have children before we’re 30, and I’m calling bullshit on it. I’m 24, living at home, and trying to figure out what I want to do. In my eyes, I have plenty of time. I do however want to draw attention to the fact that I am dying to pursue and establish a healthy career, but I also still want to prat about while I can. Why? Because I’m only twenty-fucking-four, and it’s completely okay to not have it all figured out by now as I still have much more growing to do. Mortgages, diapers, organised fun… It doesn’t actually sound that appealing to me, but I might contemplate it (dare I say) when I’m an older woman.

The funny thing is I do believe that even in my position, if I were to announce some sort of misfitted pregnancy (no financial backing, no life direction, and a mountain of mental health issues) many would be overwhelmed with glee for my news (my therapist hopefully not included), yet an accomplished woman at the age of 50 is under scrutiny. By god, if I was pregnant at my age I’d probably seek a 50 year old to give my child to, because yes, the older woman would more likely be capable of the repsonsibility – now Piers Morgan, this is “just a fact”.

One thing that also rings clear, particularly amongst my small town peers, is that no matter what age you are once you’re a mother you’re immediately more mature than other women. Can I get another BULLSHIT? Despite the fact that many have concrete opinions on the cut off age for motherhood, I find it hard to believe that the majority of the underage groupies of the local pram parade are deemed on par with the older woman in any respect, but apparently more apt and able to raise a human being in comparison because physically they are in better shape and look like a better representative at the school gates.

It would appear that despite the advances made by women we still have much more of a way to go. It goes without saying that if a woman desires the urge to become a mother, then she does have the right to consider it. I believe it’s not age that is the alarm bell when setting limits to motherhood, but whether or not (any parent really) is mentally and financially stable. Why would you want to bring your new human into an unstable environment? We don’t have social services because the government is bored. Essentially, lets not forget, parenthood is a selfish act. Does anybody need a baby? No. They want one. So when actively making the decision to be a parent there are a few more things to worry about first, rather than age.

It’s now 2017 and I’m actually excited for more progressive talks. I’m intrigued to look more into why some women are not wanting to have children at all and discuss why I’m siding with them. In a dominating world full of ladies who latte, I’d rather be an Anna Kendrick or a Samantha Jones.



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