Our Funny Valentine

// I’m free and I love to be free //

It’s that time of year when filtered photos of roses, chocolates, baes, and hallmark cards are plastered all over social media: singletons are shown how truly validating it is to be in a relationship and have that special someone, while those in relationships battle it our for the crown of materialistic mundanity.

Now I am no angry feministic out on a rant, but I am confused as to why in 2017 Valentine’s still primarily accommodates for 2 types of people 1) the lonely sad singleton, or 2) the loved up, has it all bae. See, I myself find the choices limiting as I fit into neither.

Currently I am single, happy but simultaneously battling mental health, aspiring to travel, and am also still seeking a job that fulfils me. On today of all days I’ve concluded that there should be a dating app equivalent for employers and employees to find compatibility for those perfect matches who are yet to find each other. I myself am looking for someone to take a chance on me and give me experience in writing content. Do you know my valentine?

I think there is something very empowering about being single which people forget: you are free to do whatever you want on your own time schedule. Furthermore we have adventurous personas like Samantha Jones and Jessa Johansson paving the way for independent women to provide alternatives to settling in relationships (albeit these are fictional characters, but the embodiment of their personalities is a portrayal of reality). I for one am very much of the same mentality as Jessa:


I also resent implications that single women are a threat to women in relationships because they present conflicting values to their own. In my eyes single women are the personification of independence and free to make their own choices while not succumbing to mainstream ideals of what women should do, and on today of all days they should remember to celebrate that freedom:


It’s the 21st century and you don’t have to be in a relationship by a certain age, and you can still be a fulfilled woman without marriage and children. There also isn’t a particular way you should act in order to find love, unless you’re basic looking for basic. Moreover as cliché as it may sound, there are no rules in matters of love.

I am not opposed to being in relationship, because it can be a wonderful experience having a prodigious connection with someone, but I haven’t found that in a partner yet and it’s not on my priority list – I’m only 24 and not ready to settle. If you are single today, don’t be disheartened and turn to junk food and rom coms, just crack on with Tuesday. If the latter’s not your style the other 364 days of the year, then today is no exception.

As opposed to being pitched against one another as singleton or bae, roses or no roses, I think there is a cause we can all unify for on February 14th and that is V-Day which is “a global activist movement to end violence against women and girls”. So, whatever your plans are today please take a moment to visit the website below because there are many women across the world who would give anything to be in single’s shoes, or a partner’s security.

>>> Click here for V-Day website <<<

// Happy Tuesday ladies //


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