The Trumps Turn Back Time

// “2017 will be better” they said //

Do you remember when you first heard that Donald Trump would run for president? I remember throwing my head back with a laugh of disbelief thinking “Ha! Good one”, and yet little did I know the joke of the century would become a morbid reality.

After  recently dosing myself with feel-good Youtube interview clips of  Barack and Michelle Obama, I hit a brick wall following a video concerning Ivanka and Donald Trump. The video is a conversation between Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian who present The Young Turks and they discuss when Ivanka Trump walked out of an interview with Cosmo last September.

>> Watch full video here <<<

On the subject of Trump’s proposal for maternity pay, the topic became a little too close for comfort when Cosmo journalist Prachi Gupta addressed Ivanka Trump on how the policy wouldn’t cover those in same-sex relationships as the policy only applies to mothers who have physically given birth to a child. As a typical Trump reflex, Ivanka dodges the question insisting Gupta is being too negative and doesn’t understand how she can answer the question. How about explaining the implications of this biological-mothers-only club?

What distresses me most about Ivanka’s attitude is that it could suggest that she is homophobic, and honestly I’m getting that vibe. Ivanka’s decision to leave the interview demonstrates how the Trump pattern of relationships with the media is definitely favouring a certain type of journalism by trying to only promote a pro-Trump image, but this is also called propaganda, is it not? I would like to think that a family of the Trump’s political status should be able to handle and accept tough questions that oppose and challenge their views (Obama could do it, and we respected him for it).

Furthermore what about adoption? What about the thousands of barren couples who want to start a family and choose to adopt? There are women across the globe who suffer with mental health and financial instability who may not feel suited or ready for motherhood, and it is a noble act to admit this in a society where women are still shamed for not wanting children. This then raises implications for couples who are able to provide a child with a higher quality of life but are unable to seek the same maternity work benefits when starting a family.

I can’t help but tie the latter discourse to Trump’s abortion policy which should address relatively taboo subjects such as unwanted children, navigating us back into the pros for adoption. These two policies to me just don’t go hand in hand as surely the abortion policy restrictions should be presented with some sort of solution by the maternity pay policy, like promoting adoption which welcomes/involves barren and same-sex couples across America.

In an article by Mark Molloy for The Telegraph, Molloy shares a tweet by Ivanka which boasts “A great discussion with two world leaders about the importance of women having a seat at the table”. Well, to an extent I agree with this – women should be able to advance and progress in high positions within the workplace just like men – but given her stance on the maternity pay policy I’m not sure she is the best representative at all (even more so given that she can’t handle an interview with a women’s magazine). Also, where were the women at the signing of the abortion policy?


Personally I don’t think  Gupta’s questions were necessarily negative, I think they were just raising concerns over equality and LGBT rights which apparently Ivanka isn’t in favour of. All the policies put in place thus far by the Trumps have certainly been controversial and they also seem to only encourage outdated values such as disregarding LGBT rights; discriminating against races that aren’t white or traditionally American; and resurrecting the cereal packet family.

>>> Read Gupta’s Cosmo interview with Ivanka here <<<

It’s 2017 and with all the rights we’ve obtained from the heroes before us, it would be disrespectful and a shame to turn back the clocks and undo all they’ve given to achieve equality. The world is where it is because of the hard work of generations before us, but it is still infected with sexism, racism, and fascism. In order to evoke forward progression we need to keep writing, keep filming, keep talking, and keep marching.

// “People have the power to redeem the work of fools” – Patti Smith //


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