Seal it with a Man

// “Republican introduces bill that would force women seeking abortion to get written consent from the foetus’ father” //

Abortion was legalised in the UK in 1967, followed by the USA in 1973, and although upsetting many pro-life preachers there are many, like myself, who are pro-choice. It was only until recently that I started really questioning the position of that choice.

A liberal, I myself always appreciate and yearn for equality – I understand the woman’s body, woman’s choice argument and am personally a fan, but I’m also willing to deliberate a male’s perspective and input.

Now despite a sea of pink hats flowing across America and the UK, it would appear that some Republicans are hell bent on evoking that womens scorn they fear so much, and this time the fire has been lit by Justin Humphrey with the introduction of his new proposed bill in the state of Oklahoma.

Degrading the functions and beauty of a woman’s body and identity, Humphrey has issued a statement labelling women as “hosts”. The Oklahoma state legislator then goes on to explain:  “So that’s where I’m at. I’m like, ‘hey, your body is your body and be responsible with it. But after you’re irresponsible then don’t claim, well, I can just go and do this with another body, when you’re the host and you invited that in.’”.

“No abortion shall be performed in this state without the written informed consent of the father of the foetus”.

To simplify the latter, the Republican member is endorsing a bill based on his beliefs that if a woman is irresponsible enough to have sex she should have to suffer the consequences, unless she has signed permission from the would-be the father. Sound fair to you? I thought not.

Humphrey has since apologised for any offence caused while standing by his host theory, but has legitimised his thought process by conceding that under circumstances of sexual abuse, danger to a woman’s health, or the death of the father before birth, this policy could be overlooked.

So we come back full circle, and pre-1967/73, where some men believe they are entitled to trump their views over women’s choices and rights. Granted, I can level with a certain amount of disregard to responsibility, it exists, but we also have child birth prevention which many women actively use (and have to pay for). Unfortunately no contraception is 100% effective and choices consequently have to be made, but as equals. It is not right to require a seal of approval from a man over a woman’s body.




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