The Hype of Hygge

Since visiting Copenhagen last July, I have found myself completely captivated by the Danes’ lust for chic design, cool composure and aspiration to live well. Sent with love and well wishes, Meik Wiking graced Britain last year with the release of his best seller The Little Book of Hygge. The Little Book of ha-wha, you… Continue reading The Hype of Hygge


Courgette Crisis

I had heard a few rumours and seen a few hashtags, but it wasn't until yesterday that I fully appreciated that the UK is currently losing their vegetables. The leading front runner of this campaign is the courgette, which has quickly established a #courgettecrisis and for good reason. Now while we can appreciate it's easy… Continue reading Courgette Crisis

Lost in Swindon?

[Opinion] // Best venues to visit in Swindon, according to me // I moved back to Swindon in October 2015 and I won't lie I've been a hermit for most of it, and/or retreated back to London for long weekends. Naturally a small town cannot realistically compete against the capital city, but I often find myself… Continue reading Lost in Swindon?

Pineapple Carving

So apparently this year people have turned from the traditional and gone for the more exotic this halloween and I couldn't resist giving it a go myself. A new hipster craze? Daring to be different? New and exciting? Whatever way you may look at it, I'm all for it. I'm really not a festive person -… Continue reading Pineapple Carving

Review: The Hop Inn

// Where: 7 Devizes Road, Old Town, Swindon // It’s a casual Sunday afternoon in Swindon, and to my surprise, a lovely one at that. After two cups of coffee and some light reading, I left Darkroom Espresso, met a friend, and we made our way up Victoria Rd. Unfortunately Swindon town venues do not… Continue reading Review: The Hop Inn

Review: Cox and Baloney’s Tearoom & Bar

// Where: 182-184 Cheltenham Rd, Bristol // It was my friend's birthday last week and having just moved to Bristol she fancied doing something a little different. Being the first of our friendship circle to turn 25, she opened the gateway elegantly with afternoon tea and prosecco at Cox and Baloney's Tearoom & Bar. What appeared at first… Continue reading Review: Cox and Baloney’s Tearoom & Bar

Sweet Potato Fries/Wedges

I had some sweet potatoes left over from my Carrot & Coriander Soup so the only thing left to do was make some bangin' fries/wedges. This recipe is so easy to do, I promise! They'll take about 35/40 minutes in the oven at 200° - I use this time to get everything else into check, so it… Continue reading Sweet Potato Fries/Wedges

Simple, slutty bagel

I can rarely buy bagels because they just go, pretty much instantly. Needless to say, they won't last the week. When I do dare to invest, here's what I go for at lunch... You will need: 1 red onion and chive bagel (I go for New York Bakery Co.) Spinach Ham Cheddar cheese Simply: Cut the bagel… Continue reading Simple, slutty bagel

Top Dietary Documentaries (On Netflix)

If you have had a gander at my previous blog posts, you can make the safe assumption that I'm into my food. I'm no pro, but I primarily upload food posts because of my enjoyment of cooking, and sharing is caring. I'm super guilty, as I enjoy my fast food, but I do aim for… Continue reading Top Dietary Documentaries (On Netflix)

Simple Sausage Rolls

Happy New Year! So, we had a pretty full house over the Christmas period and essentially all my mum wanted was participation - for everyone to chip in a bit, bring a dish etc. I made a few contributions, my braised red cabbage being one of them to accompany the Christmas dinner, a few others which… Continue reading Simple Sausage Rolls