Pineapple Carving

So apparently this year people have turned from the traditional and gone for the more exotic this halloween and I couldn't resist giving it a go myself. A new hipster craze? Daring to be different? New and exciting? Whatever way you may look at it, I'm all for it. I'm really not a festive person -… Continue reading Pineapple Carving


Green Goodness

After a long week (and weekend) I fancied some Sunday cleansing! I found the original recipe online, but tweaked it slightly as I like my juices quite light, not thick and gloopy. All you'll need (serves 1): 1 medium green apple 1/2  a cucumber 1/2 a lemon handful of spinach and kale (add to your… Continue reading Green Goodness

Get your juice on mate

Tip for the mornings! I've only just got my juicer up and running again, but personally I need to plan ahead and get all the fruit in first before I crack on. If any are worthy, I'll whack em' on here too. For the mean time, I've just been buying my juices. However, I cannot… Continue reading Get your juice on mate