Lost in Swindon?

[Opinion] // Best venues to visit in Swindon, according to me // I moved back to Swindon in October 2015 and I won't lie I've been a hermit for most of it, and/or retreated back to London for long weekends. Naturally a small town cannot realistically compete against the capital city, but I often find myself… Continue reading Lost in Swindon?


Review: The Hop Inn

// Where: 7 Devizes Road, Old Town, Swindon // It’s a casual Sunday afternoon in Swindon, and to my surprise, a lovely one at that. After two cups of coffee and some light reading, I left Darkroom Espresso, met a friend, and we made our way up Victoria Rd. Unfortunately Swindon town venues do not… Continue reading Review: The Hop Inn

Review: Cox and Baloney’s Tearoom & Bar

// Where: 182-184 Cheltenham Rd, Bristol // It was my friend's birthday last week and having just moved to Bristol she fancied doing something a little different. Being the first of our friendship circle to turn 25, she opened the gateway elegantly with afternoon tea and prosecco at Cox and Baloney's Tearoom & Bar. What appeared at first… Continue reading Review: Cox and Baloney’s Tearoom & Bar

Review: Made by Bob

// Where: The Corn Hall 26 Market Place, Cirencester // My link with Cirencester is that once upon a time I was a student at Cirencester College. Unfortunately I have since lost ties with the area, and as a non-driver it can be awkward to get there and back again. With this in mind I had… Continue reading Review: Made by Bob