An exploration of narrative, space, and gender roles in Certain Women

In what I envisaged to be an in-depth look into the tales of four women in the Midwest, I was as wrong as I was right about Kelly Reichardt’s Certain Women. Adapted from Maile Molloy’s collection of stories, Both Ways Is the Only Way I Want It and Half In Love, Reichardt graciously presents three stories of four women quietly surviving… Continue reading An exploration of narrative, space, and gender roles in Certain Women


Review: A Cure For Wellness

A Cure For Wellness has been on my radar since the first trailer came out – Hollywood’s long-awaited sophisticated psycho-thriller – and I was eager to see director Gore Verbinski’s comeback to horror since his remake of The Ring. The film fixates on self-discovery and for our protagonist Lockhart (Dane DeHaan), his journey begins as… Continue reading Review: A Cure For Wellness

Review: Hacksaw Ridge

Released to cinemas in January this year, I slightly panicked at the now-limited listings for Hacksaw Ridge. At just over £10 pound a ticket, I often ask myself: “is this something I have too see on the big screen, or shall I wait for the DVD?” Luckily for me, I had my newly purchased Cineworld… Continue reading Review: Hacksaw Ridge

The Hype of Hygge

Since visiting Copenhagen last July, I have found myself completely captivated by the Danes’ lust for chic design, cool composure and aspiration to live well. Sent with love and well wishes, Meik Wiking graced Britain last year with the release of his best seller The Little Book of Hygge. The Little Book of ha-wha, you… Continue reading The Hype of Hygge

The Trumps Turn Back Time

// "2017 will be better" they said // Do you remember when you first heard that Donald Trump would run for president? I remember throwing my head back with a laugh of disbelief thinking "Ha! Good one", and yet little did I know the joke of the century would become a morbid reality. After  recently dosing… Continue reading The Trumps Turn Back Time

Films for Action: Blackfish

  There's a very popular hashtag trend on Twitter and it goes by #EmptyTheTanks. If you were to search this I guarantee you'll see links to Gabriela Cowperthwaite's Blackfish and it is clear why. Blackfish takes an in-depth look into the controversy with capturing Orca, or Killer, whales and raising them in captivity which in turn reveals the shocking and unfortunate… Continue reading Films for Action: Blackfish

Courgette Crisis

I had heard a few rumours and seen a few hashtags, but it wasn't until yesterday that I fully appreciated that the UK is currently losing their vegetables. The leading front runner of this campaign is the courgette, which has quickly established a #courgettecrisis and for good reason. Now while we can appreciate it's easy… Continue reading Courgette Crisis

The reality of “reality TV”

// "Reality TV to me is the museum of social decay" - Gary Oldman // [If you watch reality TV, I can't promise you won't be insulted] First and foremost I feel I must confess that despite my distain for reality TV, I actually don't watch it, so you'll find little direct reference to programmes here.… Continue reading The reality of “reality TV”

Lost in Swindon?

[Opinion] // Best venues to visit in Swindon, according to me // I moved back to Swindon in October 2015 and I won't lie I've been a hermit for most of it, and/or retreated back to London for long weekends. Naturally a small town cannot realistically compete against the capital city, but I often find myself… Continue reading Lost in Swindon?

My 2017 Reading List

I was very humble with my Christmas list last year, the contents of which revolved around practical items such as socks, make-up remover, and of course books! In tune with my new practical outlook it seemed fitting that my new year's resolution followed suit: READ MORE! As an aspiring blogger in pursuit of a job… Continue reading My 2017 Reading List