Travel: Happiest in the middle of nowhere

I love my job – I’m incredibly lucky to be that person who wakes up in the morning and is happy to go to work. Another perk of my job is meeting so many different people including musicians, artists, theatre directors, Jeremy Corbyn, Phill Jupitus, independent business owners, charity trustees and so many more. But,… Continue reading Travel: Happiest in the middle of nowhere


Films for Action: Blackfish

  There's a very popular hashtag trend on Twitter and it goes by #EmptyTheTanks. If you were to search this I guarantee you'll see links to Gabriela Cowperthwaite's Blackfish and it is clear why. Blackfish takes an in-depth look into the controversy with capturing Orca, or Killer, whales and raising them in captivity which in turn reveals the shocking and unfortunate… Continue reading Films for Action: Blackfish

Courgette Crisis

I had heard a few rumours and seen a few hashtags, but it wasn't until yesterday that I fully appreciated that the UK is currently losing their vegetables. The leading front runner of this campaign is the courgette, which has quickly established a #courgettecrisis and for good reason. Now while we can appreciate it's easy… Continue reading Courgette Crisis

My 2017 Reading List

I was very humble with my Christmas list last year, the contents of which revolved around practical items such as socks, make-up remover, and of course books! In tune with my new practical outlook it seemed fitting that my new year's resolution followed suit: READ MORE! As an aspiring blogger in pursuit of a job… Continue reading My 2017 Reading List

Top Dietary Documentaries (On Netflix)

If you have had a gander at my previous blog posts, you can make the safe assumption that I'm into my food. I'm no pro, but I primarily upload food posts because of my enjoyment of cooking, and sharing is caring. I'm super guilty, as I enjoy my fast food, but I do aim for… Continue reading Top Dietary Documentaries (On Netflix)

Thought of the day: the weatherman

Climate change has always been an issue, but apparently it's under the radar as long as it does not cause too much destruction. I live in the UK and like most I have been following the coverage on hurricane Desmond - his lasted attack was in Cumbria. Now, I live roughly 4 hours away from Cumbria,… Continue reading Thought of the day: the weatherman